Programme services

Programme services

There is a suitable activity for everybody who wants to go to the nature. The programmes are tailered considering the wishes and condition of the guests as well as the safety of the activity to enable the whole group to participate. In co-operation with our partners we can arrange dog-sled, quad and snowmobile rides. Guided outings will be arranged for groups of minimum four persons. Equipment for independant outdoor activities can also be hired from us.

Hiisiretket programme services include

  • church boat rowing (14 person)
  • motor boat trips (a 12-seat covered boat)
  • various fishing trips round the year
  • canoeing
  • archery
  • rock descending
  • plastic crate climbing
  • outdoor meals
  • staying a night outdoors
  • mountain biking
  • bird watching, berry and mushroom picking outings
  • snowshoe and kicksled outings
  • NOVELTY: frisbee-golf
  • Offer basket

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