Catering services

Catering services


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Tasty memories and fresh raw materials

The meals are prepared using fresh raw materials and keeping up with traditions. The basic raw materials of the dishes are game, fish from the lake, mushrooms and berries. Our caterer Iiris Korhonen cooks with the best offerings of the surrounding countryside,grown or picked by herself or delivered from the neighbourhood. It”™s a matter of honour for her that the bread is baked of own corn.

Only one hour”™s drive from Kuopio and you”™ll find yourself enjoying a definitely fresh fish meal. Jaakko from the neighbourhood is a fisherman on the lake Niinivesi. He can bring the fish to the table even within a few hours”™ notice! If you want to be sure of the freshness you are more than welcome to fish with him!

We have a close co-operation with other entrepreneurs e.g. in supplying groceries from the neighbourhood, arranging programme services and finding trainers for various courses.

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